Lone Sailor Statue Project | Bremerton Harborside, Kitsap County, Washington

Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council of the Navy League of The United States




Lone Sailor Sunset Statue Web Version  (50 KB JPG)

Lone Sailor Sunset Statue LARGE Version (10 MB JPG)

Lone Sailor Sunset Statue VERY LARGE Version (206 MB TIF)


The photographer, Chris Davies, lives on the Bremerton Marina and enjoys photography as a hobby.
He recently took these photos of the Lone Sailor Statue using a process known as a
5 shot bracket.  He combined the pictures into one so it would darken the light areas and lighten
 the dark areas. From that process this stunning portrait of the Bremerton Lone Sailor Statue
 was created.
As a historical note, Chris once served aboard the USS Turner Joy DD-951,
 now permanently moored at the Marina.

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